May we introduce GEFMA?

Who is GEFMA representing?

The facility management industry is one of the most important industries in the German economy: more than 205 billion euro real estate management volume, substantial 130 billion euro of gross value added and a five percent share of the gross domestic product. Also from viewpoint of the labor market policy, the facility management industry is a heavyweight too. Over four million employees are on the „payroll“ of service providers, property-owners and users.

Who is GEFMA?

Since the association’s founding in 1989 GEFMA (German Facility Management Association) accompanied the market development and market participants in facility management (FM). As a leading network of facility managers, the association represents more than 850 companies and organizations. At the same time GEFMA is the roof and engine for a joint conceptual framework, marketable standards and a modern image of facility managers.

Seven board members determine the policies and the activities of GEFMA:

  • Otto Kajetan Weixler (president), Bilfinger HSG Facility Management GmbH
  • Wilfried Schmahl
  • Walter Fritz, EUBAG Operation GmbH
  • Prof. Dr. Markus Lehmann, Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen
  • Beatriz Soria León, BASF SE
  • Prof. Dr. Michael May, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin
  • Rainer Vollmer, RGM Facility Management GmbH

What is the idea behind GEFMA?

GEFMA understands FM

  • as an innovative and professional service sector,
  • as an efficient management method and
  • as a young and active science.

Geared towards the principles of FM with customer and service orientation, process orientation, holism and partnership GEFMA stands for:

  • a culture of values with it’s guidelines in FM,
  • more awareness and recognition for FM service providers, internal FM organizations and for facility managers as well as,
  • higher economic and non-material benefit for customer and service providers.

 Quality and sustainability play a crucial role in the strategy of the association.

What does GEFMA do?

GEFMA promotes networks
GEFMA Lounges are the basis of the network. Additionally Junior Lounges offer students and young professionals a platform. In GEFMA working groups experts bring in their knowledge, use synergies and generate technical know-how for themselves and for all operators.

GEFMA creates knowledge
Public and private educational institutions, certified by GEFMA, educate according to a uniform standard and qualify for professional practice. Degree: Bachelor and Master Degrees, the German “Fachwirt” with GEFMA certificate. Special awards for exceptional academic results and projects are the entry for a successful FM career. The Professors' Network is committed to uniform the European education standards.

GEFMA sets standards
GEFMA guidelines have an excellent reputation and are included in European standards. Solutions for operator responsibility in FM "added value at no extra cost" are offered by the three stage quality program „FM Excellence“, with the ipv ® quality standards -  integral process responsibility. CAFM products with a GEFMA certification have been developed to a recognized standard in a short time. New: Certification standard  GEFMA 160  - Sustainability in Facility Management.

GEFMA develops the market
GEFMA maintains the contact to government, science and the media. Studies and projects (e.g. FM benchmarking report and FM industry report), with GEFMA as a cooperation partner underline the overall economic importance of the FM sector. Recruiting activities made industry become a very interesting employer with a large range of different professions.

GEFMA is a member of the ZIA (German Property Federation) and the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council).  Through its long-standing affiliation to EuroFM GEFMA plays a role in the European exchange of views and opinions.


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